the things that




for the world.

2we1ve is a group of people living in direct representation of the 12 disciples that followed Yehoshua/Jesus before us.

2we1ve Blog

All members of 2we1ve will use this blog, which is free for all questions and comments from anyone.

Gental Isreale

Gental Isreale is a church of people who choose to live a way that shows the definition of Love from the autobiography, Message of Love to be a better example of Loves true definition. We will fellowship from all places in the world, paying tithes, and creating a better church family that stays on one accord.


S.O.U.L. is a School Overseeing an Understanding of Life. S.O.U.L. will have a full curriculum for life behaviors from the earliest to the latest age, showing those who attend, a better way to handle the trials of life. The lessons will be based off of 2we1ves’ understanding of the KJV Bible.

3 Nails

Three nails, is a representation of what we are not trying to use, by doing things that may, “nail Jesus back to the Cross”. Those who understand Love by how it is expressed in Message of Love, choosing to nolonger tell people, “I Love You”, will be a part of the 3 Nails movement, by just that one choice, understanding how that phrase may have a hand in Jesus’s suffering not taking its full effect.


godSet will incorporate what may me considered as gang mentality, with Godly methods, so that young people will have a gang to be a part of that teaches them how to walk righteously and boldly represent Godly actions in the midst of their peers, while growing up in a world with violent gangs around them, and moving around in the world.


Writers to assist those locked up, will attempt to build a large community of people to assist those in county jails and prisons all over the world with prayer, and having a Godly companion in the tough times that being locked up present. The idea was sparked by an inmate who requested a similar type of help from one of 2we1ve.


Autobiographical World

Autobiographical World is a place where a person who may not have the best grammar or be considered an author can post an autobiography of themselves, along with others, in hope’s to build a history of every individuals autobiography, that can be searched wherever the Autobiographical World exist, as easily as looking up a word in the dictionary.

Important people to reach

Reach out in anyway, anytime

Qisreale Trulth

One of 2we1ve

Person of God

Soon to be announced

Free to all.

Message of Love

The autobiography ..of the life…..

tied to the name Quincy Valentino Dean,

called Q wit uh K, and now going by …..

Qisreale Truth, one of 2we1ve.

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