World W.I.G.


World Wide Investigation of Government, will be a page that publicizes everything about police departments and all things dealing with the rights the children of God have, given by way of the world. The Constitution.

There is a standard that is for every sinning man, every man on this planet, to receive equally, at all times, and should not be limited to a certain kind at certain times only. Zero tolerance for violation, hopefully found through the ability for every person to see a format and be able respond using it, publically, able to be used for publicizing everything, in every city around the world, about the acts of government officials, given power over them, by them, the children of God.

All information put up here will be a display of as much openness about who these people are and what is going on with the people who are in positions to run the world. The exposure will not leave the evil doers anywhere to hide, and by them not being able to hide, they become, in open sight, the actions they have been choosing to hide.

We seek freedom for the world. Truly.


Aiken County Detention Center Lawsuit

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