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We are going to provide information to the world, starting in Aiken Sc, showing everybody who Trap, how to make the most out of the situation, and present them with options to grow the money they have so that they will never have to Trap illegal, risking jail time ever again.

We understand that people are doing what they feel is best to survive. We are trying to keep them out of jail long enuff for them to understand that there are better ways, and where the world is not willing, everything under God connected to 2we1ve(12people living by 10commands..etc), is willing to help the Trap see that it is exactly what we call it, A TRAP. Don’t be a mouse. Let’s try and be official. God would rather u live life and live it abundantly.


InfinityRules to avoiding the JailHouse

-No Snitching

-Drive the speed limit. Never Speed.

-Practice having a steady foot, that can hold a steady mile per hour, for long periods of time.

-Always wear a seatbelt.

-Never ride in a vehicle with drugs that do not belong to u.

-Never smoke marijuana in a vehicle that u will be riding or driving, before the smell of that marijuana is gone. Don’t try and cover the smell with anything, and take the risk.

-If u choose to do a crime(NOT RECOMMEND), check to see how much time u can get in jail for the crime that u are trying to leave behind, if u get locked up by the police 👮 👮‍♂️ 👮‍♀️ because they think u did suhmt wrong. NEVER do any crime that u are not willing to do the max time for if u are found guilty.

-Wait on receiving a motion of discovery before saying anything to anybody. After u read the evidence they have/what they have u locked up for, u can make a decision to talk with a lawyer.

-Never do a crime with anybody else, most definitely if it carries prison time. Never do a crime with anyone else. Gods watching. That’s the only co defendant u need.

-Always make sure the headlights and taillights, and brakelights, every light on the vehicle works. Don’t drive illegal if any of those lights don’t work.

-Don’t do drugs while driving with drugs.

-Learn where u stay.

-Always lock the doors on the vehicle u are driving, or are in when u are sitting still, and when u have exited/left the vehicle.

-Never leave keys in the ignition when the vehicle is not beeing driven.

-No woman wile Trappin. Save that for after u git off work.

-Never tell anyone what u do. The only people who should think that are customers. Trapping is not a business for clout.

-Squash All Beef. Opp beef or regular people beef. Money and beef don’t mix like oil and water.

-If u do business on any phone or social media, u probably snitching by accident.

-Assume that all Goverment Police Braches are the God of the streets.
God can sees all in the word, so Police can see all in the streets.

…..and this a reason for the Bible saying that we should obey the Laws of the Land.-2we1ve

-If its just u and the Police, trust God, and do everything they tell u to do, no questions, unless what they ask violates Gods law, or the law. Think!!

-Even the best shooter can be shot. u not even a shoot first ask questions laytuh type nigguh, nor should anybody be, that shit wack, so if that ain u for any reason, PLAY AROUND WHERE u GREW UP AT.

More to be posted, as I think about it….

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