Sexual History of Quincy Valentino Dean(Williams(maybe))

I will be posting everyone I had sex with, by name if I have it, by description and situation if I do not, until I find the names, starting from early childhood on into adulthood, up to this very day in marriage. jan 31 22

The Total number of People I had Sexual Interaction with, through any sexual contact, including Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex, or Anal Sex, from the age of around 5yrs old till NOW January 31st 2022…..estimated…..

Before the age of 15= 21 different people

After the age of 15=31 different people

Total of around 52 different people I’ve had sexual interactions with from the age of 5yrs old to 36 yrs old

I’ll start with everyone I can MeM before the age of 15. I won’t go into detail. Ill say something sexual occurred where disease could have been transferred. This is not just for telling sexual interactions, but to give a history of the sexual interactions that could have lead to the spread of disease, or else I would have no reason to mention names. If the name you were given or go by is mentioned below, forgive me, but u either shouldn’t have been engaging in sin, or it’s already assumed by the world because of titles in relatIonship anyway. This is to establish a better future for the next generation. Stop being selfish and be free, asking God for forgiveness and the children of God all over the world that the sinful actions have damaged. -u MeM me

1 some young black boy(same age range) up under the bed in Bronx NY 1717/1515 Macoombs Rd Apartment building under the bed in the apartment where Darlene lived, in the back room.

2 some young black african girl(same age range/seemed to have african decent in language and appearance) in the closet in class at C.E.S. 104 Bronx NY 3rd grade’ish.

3 Trevor Mckie Aiken SC

4 Anthony Johnson Aiken SC

5 Rahsaan Raiford Aiken SC

6 a young black boy, way younger than me in Gloverville apartments in the back room where I stayed with Debra(mom), I was 8th 9th grade’ish. I don’t MeM the name, but I MeM him. If you ever come across this page, forgive youngster, I was lost and out of order. I could find the name of this person quickly, but wouldn’t mention, because he was a child alot younger than me it seems, thinking back, and its no point in louding him out in that much of a detail where it’s highly unlikely of passing of diseases, but still possible. If he is to find me, and is willing to speak with me, MeMing this situation, I am willing, and I apologize to him for those errors🤦‍♂️.

7&8 There is a thin line here in the seperation of ages before 15yrs old or after. The last boy plays close to those lines along with Angel and Rebecca Johnson/Sapp of Gloverville Apartments, which I went to DJJ for Criminal Sexual Conduct in the 1st Degree for, not long afte having a 15th birthday. I will continue on from after the age of 15yrs old being locked up in DJJ SC.

9 Short slightly chubby white boy locked up in DJJ. He lived in Aiken SC. In the shower of a dorm.

10 A older(in appeadance) chubby white boy in DJJ. In the bathroom, was going bald and had little lumps on penis, multiple, none breaking the skin

11 ”J.J”, a boy in Coastal Harbor placement, Savannah GA, in a room on the side with kids who were there for sexual problems

12 A chunky black girl that may have a little slow mentally, living in a trailer park closer to the top of Shiloh Heights rd in Aiken SC (i MeM the name to maybe be April)

13 Dominique Williams Aiken SC

14 Little skinny white girl in house on road around the corner from the bottom of Shiloh Heights Rd, in first room up on the top bunk, and maybe in back room on that same side of the hall on the bed

15 Sharise🤦‍♂️🙂Forgot last name. Aiken SC(maybe Simpkins)

16 Tawaynna McCleod(maybe spelled wrong🤷‍♂️) Hinesville Ga

17 skinny lightskinned black girl worked at Burger King, named Kayla. Aiken SC

18 Nina Lashay Peppers Legally Married. 2nd Worst Decision in Life



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