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October 2020
Semi Naked exposure of this body to the world, to show all flaws, promoting freedom. The last test I had at the clinic, confirmed Oral Herpes. I’ve been tested for all other things and that is the only thing that came back positive.


1st^^Divorce talk bout Tammy Ham

I lived, and experienced much, dealing with marriage under God as far as the KJV Bible is concerned. This step and way , is, and may be the last Uing of it all as I will explain the marriage which is active now, the vows that come with it, and the vows that will pretty much be applied to every wife I will have from this day forward, if any more than the one woman who I am married to now, Tammy Ham.

2nd^^Divorce talk bout Tammy Ham

In this marriage I agree to try daily to build this relationship to the highest standard possible given that me and Tammy Ham are not both a part of 2we1ve. As one of 2we1ve I have ways that are very different from those of most, and I can only go so far into doing the max things that I would think to be best, because that would require her to be equal to me at the level of 2we1ve, and all the Uing of it. With the mindset of 2we1ve, I will apply the best standard of response to her at all times, as much as I am able, given whatever situations are happening from now on into the future.

We had already had an agreement to be married up under God, and without the proper Uing from us both, it failed. I divorced her. We are remarrying by rule in scriptures that say, long story short, for a woman to reconcile with her husband.

This is a marriage I agree to, and by scriptural law will only divorce her for reasons of fornication. She will be a wife to me for as long as this body lives on earth. I agree to, “till death do us part”, because it is Ud, that I hold the position in this marriage that I think I should hold as a man of God, pertaining to the KJV scriptures. It is Ud by me and Tammy. Because she has found a way to agree with this way, whether she fully Us it to be right or not, allows for what I think to be correct, to activate. I can move forward in that belief and start to see light enough, to work, already Uing that this process will be beneficial to the Kingdom of God.

I will try at all times to treat her, as I believe I should, by words in the scriptures.

Entangling of 2we1ve

I do not have a planned number of wives, but I will take on as many options as I am presented with from all shapes and sizes, and colors of woman on this planet. I will take seriously every woman in the world who sees reason to give this walk with me and God a try. I will only marry women who I can tell things about scriptures, and the life of 2we1ve, with them agreeing, and Uing.

I do not have plans of fornication, as it is aganist the law of God, and if I fall short of the works that I should maintatin as a man representing the Kingdom of God, having sex with anyone, outside of marriage, or joining anyone in any sexual activity outside of marriage, and it be with anyone, more specifically a woman who is not part of 2we1ve, I will be in direct violation of this marriage. If so, Tammy will be free do do as she chooses, without any consequence from me….Uing that she is already free to do as she chooses at any time for any reason, because it is a God given right. The only difference is what consequences I will try and enforce if I have not violated any agreement between me and her, to God.

Fornication is the only choice that will breed any consequence from me, along with, me leaving immediately, do to that violation of the part that she has in this relationship. Fornication will lead me to not offer all of me to her as I should in this marriage.

The marriage was already established and is being presented to the world, on this day10/17/2020.

Entangling of 2we1ve

There will never be any sexual activity with multiple partners at once. Anything dealing with sexual activity, will be in the “marriage bed” with the one other woman who I am married to.

So I, legally Quincy Valentino Dean, going by the name Qisreale Trulth, am married to Tammy Ham, giving the agreement that we made, to God, with hopes that he deals with us as he chooses, as we give the lives we live over to try and be workmen for him. I will be married to her until death of the body, fornication, or her choosing for any reason to leave the marriage. If she ever chooses to leave the marriage for any reason, I am immediately free from all said obligations written here. If she so chooses to violate any other agreement, I am still bound to her in marriage because the scripture does not speak on any other reason that is justifiable enough for me not to be.

If any woman seeks to be a wife to me, they must read Message of Love, the autobiography of a large portion of the life I lived, as any person who chooses to be a part of 2we1ve must, because they must become 2we1ve before I bring thiim into marriage with me. Tammy got a history pass. They must also U that they will be involved with a man who can, may have multiple wives, and already has a current wife.

I do not think that I will by the government rules, legally marry, ever again.

As the head of this relationship, and any furture marriage to come, I will be the decision maker of all aspects of this relationship at all times while we are married, because if that is not the case, we are on separate paths, and do not agree, therefore we can not walk together, meaning that the female is not here as a help to me, but a help more to herself. I hope that if any other women become involved in this way, that they are prepped by God himself to be an help meet, suitable for me, and nothing else.

Entangling of 2we1ve

IF MANY TRY, MANY WILL FAIL. THANK GOD!! -Qisreale Trulth, 2we1ve

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