Joyride(Taxi Service)

Taxi service, and shopping or picking up food or items, will be available using the personal use vehicle that Treale has.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness, so u may be refused service if u are too dirty, certain exemptions may apply at times, because we are here to help.

Any problems with a customer, and that person will never be able to use service until issue is resolved and Understood by 2we1ve.

Weekdays(Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday) from 5pm to 12am 12$ pick and drop off, anywhere in Aiken. After 12am, an additional 5$

Saturday, 24 hours 12$ pick and drop off, anywhere in Aiken.

Sunday, we recognize as the day God rested, to moove us will be 12$ to pick up, 12$ to Drop off, total 24$, anywhere in Aiken.


We will take any payment. Payment must be made when we arrive.

there will be a 12cents “business tax” on every dollar.

Only refund will be given if it’s some type of extreme issue, because customer service will never be an issue.

CALL (803) 645-2506 for more info, and to hear rates for outside the Aiken area.


NO FREE RIDES FOR ANY reason. When they are available, because we are financially able. It will be posted.

We Appreciate u checking us out.

GOD Loves u.

-Qisreale Trulth, 2we1ve

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