Joyride joYrhYde™️ (Private Hire, Suhmt like a Taxi, Godly Luxury Transportation Service) 24/7


🎀A Private Hire Service (suhmt like uh Taxi🙂🙂) will pick you up and drop you off.

SHOPPING🛍, if you are not up for hopping, we’ll shop for you.

PICKING UP of FOOD🍱, if you’re not in the mood, we’ll order, pick up and drop off food for you(Even items not edible , able to fit in vehicle).

ROADSIDE⚠️ASSISTANCE⛽️🪫🔋 (gas and battery jump), If you need gas delivered or a battery jump started…

All can be done using a 2021 Sports Sedan. This service is NOW a part of Gental Isreale=The Heart of The Body of Christ, which is a nonprofit organization.🎗Stay Healthy-Every Day Drive Cancer Away

The vehicle is cleaned regularly as cleanliness is next to Godliness. -Joyride joYrhYde
Tips are appreciated, Never Expected or Necessary. The cost of service covers all gratuity. We will never be beggers like thiim. -2we1ve

As of August 1, 2022 You Quote it Price Quote Negotiations for First Time joYrhYde ’ers”. (Currently inactive promo. May not activate again until 2023)

-Joyride joYrhYde 8036452506 SAVE$$$$(24/7)

Terms of Drivers and Riders

Joyride joYrhYde Employees, by oath to the brand/corporation, which is Gental Isreale=The Heart of The Body of Christ, for the spiritual wellness of the customers, choose to not give out any information that could lead to snitching, which is telling on another person, where that telling can have a bad consequence on the customer. We are here to drive, not to be POLICE, this is a 2we1ve Service (Gental Isreale/2we1ve B.C.) for a service to the PEOPLE. -2we1ve PS If any personal actions are made to damage the livelihood of the service we provide, charges may be pressed to insure that damages are paid and all services can continue at the highest service for all customers(dont lie about finances, steal, or intentionally damage any service equipment)


Riders- -Send a message for pick up and drop off areas, and stops along the way, along with any other requested services. joYrhYde will respond if available. If you don’t get a response Call to alert the Driver🙂🙂He or She may be sleep. There is currently, only one driver, and one vehicle, so availablilty is limited and timing for pick up can be longer than expected, once the time for pick up is sent out, a customer can save time by being ready and waiting at spot at time given for pick up. 

Fees/Cost/Prices of Service

12% G.I. Tax applied to every service. -AikenStand!!

J.I.P. Discounted Rates

  • Scheduled ride non refundable fee $5
  • Pickup Dropoff Mon-Fri in Aiken County $12 -G.I. Saturday $24 -God Rested Sunday $36
  • Round Trip and 5m wait at drop off $24 The 2we1ve=roundtrip and 5m wait where destination is only 5 minutes away $12
  • Extra joYrhYde ‘ers not children $5
  • Eating and Drinking in vehicle $5 -$1 to eat -$3 to drink
  • Animals each $5
  • Augusta Airport $50 Includes Bags, Animals, Extra joYrhYde ‘ers
  • Stops up to 5m $5

Regular Service Rates

  • Scheduled ride non refundable fee $8.38
  • Daytime Rates Sunrise to Sunset Pickup Dropoff M-F in Aiken County $20.10 -G.I. Sat. $40.20 -God Rested Sun. $60.30 Add fees below to above prices. M-F Night, Sunset to 12am+$8.38 M-F Early Morning, 12am to Sunrise+$13.40 -G.I. Sat. Morning+$26.80 Night+$16.76 -God Rested Sun. M+$40.20 N+$25.14
  • Round Trip and 5m wait at drop off $40.20 The 2we1ve=roundtrip and 5m wait where destination is only 5 minutes away $20.10
  • Extra joYrhYde ‘ers not children $8.38
  • Eating and Drinking in vehicle $8.38 -$1.68 to eat -$5.04 to drink
  • Animals each $8.38
  • Augusta Airport $75 Includes Bags, Animals, Extra joYrhYde ‘ers
  • Stops up to 5m $8.38

Details and Explanations of Fees

You can Call and schedule a pick up and drop off for J.I.P.$5 Regular$8.38 Non-refundable or Call and try and catch us sitting still. You can schedule Mon-Fri for a joyride on Saturday using the non refundable fee to prevent the 2x rate on Saturday. You will pay the quoted rate for service upon entering vehicle. No scheduling discounts for Sunday(God Rested/Keep the sabbath Holy) Fee for scheduling must be sent/received, non-refundable, because the company loses money, and the opportunity to assist another customer because that time was scheduled.

Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday and FridayRegular Rate. SaturdayDouble Regular Rate. SundayTriple Regular Rate All rates on any day will have a J.I.P.NoExtraCharge Regular$8.38 fee added to the regular rate as soon as the “sun goes down”. Risk for any driver goes up at night, and usually around night time, or when it gets dark Joyride Driver will be going to sleep to try and prepare for the next day of Joyride ‘ing.
PS Slavery is not an option. -Joyride joYrhYde

J.I.P.$12 pick up and drop off, anywhere in Aiken County South Carolina, Regular$20.10. The area will be measured by address. If the address for pick up, is not in Aiken County(doesnt register as an aiken county address when looked up), then it will not qualify as a pick up and drop off area for Aiken County

J.I.P.$24 Round Trip, if told at time of setting up Joyride, Regular$40.20 … Aiken County, includes pick up, wait up to 5mins at next destination included, and drive back to starting point, anywhere along the original route.

The base rate for any adjoining counties to Aiken will be J.I.P.$36 Regular$60.30 to pick up and drop off. J.I.P.$55 base price Regular$92.13 for a round trip outside Aiken County

*G.I. Note* Sunday, we recognize as the day God rested, to moove joYrhYde will be 3x the total rate for all services including Pick up and Drop off anywhere in Aiken County. J.I.P.$55 Regular$92.13 special discounted rate for a round trip on Lamping Day, -2we1ve

By Request Only!!!!! Request the !!!!!2we1ve!!!!! J.I.P.$12 Round Trip(any extra fees will be applied), in Aiken County, Regular$20.10 Drive can go 5mins away from pick up destination, not a second over 5mins, includes 5min wait, and return back to Origin.

J.I.P.$1 Extra if road is dirt. Regular$1.68
The vehicle is cleaned often for each rider to experience cleanliness. Joyride will not pay for the Dirt Caused By Dirty Roads, but we plan to have vehicles in the future that, tread dirt roads easier, and will not need cleaning.

J.I.P.$3 Regular$8.38 Extra for ditches and potholes. Pressure of big ditches and potholes will be costly to the shocks/suspension of the vehicle.

J.I.P.$5 Regular$8.38 Extra if road is bumpy. If the road has “Ripplees” then the driver is slowed, loses time for slowing to prevent damage to vehicle, and wear and tear from the shaky waves on the road will be costly.

J.I.P.$3 Regular$5.04 Extra if you are the only rider and choose to sit in the front.
Any person sitting in the front has access to operate and use anything within reach of them.

J.I.P.$5 Regular$8.38 Extra for every passenger after the first, up to 3 extra passengers after the original Joyride ‘er.

J.I.P.$5 Regular$8.38 Extra for equipment, multiple bags and luggage to be held in vehicle or trunk. Certain bags will not be allowed in vehicle. If the bag, is any larger than a hand purse🙂or too much larger than a Fanny pack, then it is required to be put in the trunk(1 bag per joyride ‘er). Joyride will not search bags for cleanliness, and understand that times occur when people aren’t as “cleanli” up to the standard of Joyride, so to prevent spread of germs and bugs…etc.Trunk It!! COVIDSOUT-(humor/frfr)

J.I.P.$5 Regular$8.38 Extra to eat and drink in vehicle, J.I.P.$1 Regular$1.68 to eat, J.I.P.$3 Regular$5.04 to drink. Accidents happen, and a spill or drop of food, can damage the fabric and cleanliness of a vehicle forever. We are charging to be able to bring the vehicle back up to Joyride Code for the community if an accident ever occurs by those who like to eat and drink while they Joyride.

J.I.P.$5 Regular$8.38 Extra per animal.

J.I.P.$5 Regular$8.38 per stop at any place while on a joYrhYde. After 12am, J.I.P.NoExtraCharge Regular$13.40 up to 5 minutes wait for each stop, once you have began a J.I.P.$12 Regular$20.10 pick up and drop off in Aiken County. If the stop exceeds 5 mins, the wait price goes from J.I.P.$5 Regular$8.38 to J.I.P.$12 Regular$8.38. There will not be any strict rule to being seconds over the 5min mark. We will come to an Understanding. If there were no calls for joYrhYde service, while waiting, the fee will continue on at J.I.P.$5 Regular$8.38, up to 5mins, adding an extra J.I.P.$5 Regular$8.38 per every 5 min wait after the initial 5 mins begins, if the joYrhYde ‘er chooses to continue on with the joYrhYde service.

If joYrhYde has to wait more than 3 minutes on a joYrhYde ‘er to be inside the vehicle, except if certain situations that calls for more time, such as loading vehicle, an elderly moving slow, disability’s, etc, the charge will be J.I.P.$5 Regular$8.38 extra for the wait, and if that fee becomes a problem, the Joyride vehicle will be leaving and noting the issue for future service.

Text/CALL 24hrs OPEN 24hrs There will be a “J.I.P.0.12centsRegularGental Isreale/2we1ve B.C tax on every dollar. Proceeds will go towards doing things for the county of Aiken South Carolina, and the citizens of it.

* If wheather is bad, all extra fees will be waived for roads so that a person isn’t waiting in tough wheather conditions. All fees are waved for those who are crippled preventing them from walking to a paved road.*


joYrhYde will try to take any form of payment available. Cash is the best option so that money can easily be received and then transferred to the bank. Other forms of payment such as cash app, PayPal Venmo etc are immediate options. We will work to set up any other form of payment needed Payment must be made when joYrhYde arrives, upon the customer entering vehicle. You can go to the Donations page on this website at the very bottom and click the “joyously” box to secure a ride with a credit card after receiving a quote.

Only refund will be given if it’s some type of extreme issue, because customer service will never be an issue.

Extra Information

CALL 8036452506 for more info, and to hear rates for outside the Aiken area.
NO FREE RIDES FOR ANY reason. When they are available, because we are financially able, u will see the word “FREE” in red, on this page, and u can call and ride anywhere in Aiken County for free.

Wi-Fi and joYrhYde Phone will be not be available for use as of june 22nd 2021. Will be back soon.

!!!!!Bring on the animals, “by the twos”😑😏 Animal “Friendly”!!!!! Ark Show🙂

Aiken Stand!! If joYrhYde sees a walker while there is no Biz lined up, joYrhYde will offer to take any person seen walking in Aiken County SC along the route that the joYrhYde vehicle is traveling, if stopping doesnt cause any road violations, and the cleanliness of the Joyride ‘er doesnt cause safety issues. Aiken Stand!!



Cancelling any ride when the amount of minutes have been sent out(5m 12m 44m, etc). Cancellation of rides will hurt credit with joYrhYde, and may eventually end possible service in the future. After many cancellations, a fee to use service again will be put in place.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness, so u may be refused service if u are too dirty, certain exemptions may apply at times, because we are here to help.

Any problems with a customer, and that person will only be able to use service after issue is resolved and understood by 2we1ve.

People who have consistent weekly work schedules or just a schedule for the week, can call and set up a discounted rate to be paid weekly. Must pay for week in advance. joYrhYde ‘er Worker must pay two weeks in advance at some point to keep this service active. If worker has just started work, we will try and find a way to work🙂 with you.

If you choose to avoid the extra fees for “type roads”, there is a recommendation that you walk where there aren’t any problems that would cause extra payment and be picked up at the part of the road where dirt or damage ends.

Any joYrhYde ‘er can request that the heat or air be on whatever setting they choose, radio stations, or choice of music on any free platform ahead of time and during Joyride. NETFLIX movie /show can be requested before or during ride

All issues will be notated to keep record of the Wild Ryders(those who do not follow order).

If a customer is ever waiting longer for a joYrhYde than sent out, there will be a “Blessing” that accumulates over time for the Patience of the joYrhYde ‘er.

All joYrhYde’ers will be registered to receive a joYrhYde Credit Card, and will be told the Credit Limit for a joYrhYde as soon as the customer reaches the amount of service for the joYrhYde Credit Reward. Some will receive a monthly check as a dividend for investing in the Organization. If we make money, so will u. Aiken Stand!!😉

Any debts not paid, from Credit that a joYrhYde ‘er receives from joYrhYde will either be forgiven, or will be held to the joYrhYde ‘er until paid, and that customer will need to pay before entering the vehicle for any future joYrhYde services.

joYrhYde Goal: To eventually provide a free joYrhYde, Godly luxury service for all residents of Aiken County SC, allowing for anyone in the county to be able to handle business without having to think about affording it. No child of God should have to walk or not be able to handle Biz, for lack of transportation, to do things that will take care of them and the immediate family/family, etc., while there are some children of God who do not walk because they don’t lack transportation to take care of them and the immediate family/family, etc.

We are All family. -2we1ve

We Appreciate u checking us out.

GOD Loves u. -Qisreale Trulth, 2we1ve

All information above could have been changed at any moment, as terms and ideas change every day.

PS…The services below will be applied in full to the joYrhYde service once removed from this list. ⬇️

NEW CHRISTmas 🎄 DELIVERY 🎄32$or33$ 🎄for any delivery of all gifts, “fitting”, in 🎄Aiken County. 🎄Might be best to scedule and pay ahead of time🎄🙂🙂, 🎄Joyride🎄 aint 🎄Santa 🎄🙂🙂 NEW

NEW A.I. Alcohol Incentive. If the joyride ’er has been drinking alcohol, or is “intoxicated” in any way(must be verified by joyride driver upon pick up), NO Extra FEEs will be applied. Lets be safe and Live Long Healthy Lives -2we1ve NEW

NEW an aCute K.night. Any person on earth wishing to have a joyride driver acompany them at the house, park, school, church, 🙂Heaven🙂, etc. If the joyride driver happens to be one of 2we1ve, fee is joyride fee to place, and 12$ per min.(Winter $20.10)(summer $19.85)If any other joyride driver arrives, it will be the joyride fee to place, plus 5$ per min(summer $8.27)(Winter $8.38)NEW

NEW joyride bag. Items in joyride bag, aside from the joyride phone will be for the picking after a donation of 1$. The 1$ can reward the joyrid ’er with 12$-144,000$, based upon which item is picked. If there is a reward, you will be notified NEW

NEW GrandMe Cassettes. old music cassettes I “stole”🙂🙂🤷‍♂️ from the Grandmother before the body died, and a walkman bought, for joyride ’ers to enjoy while they joyride. NOTE:only press play, no ff or rewind, pops tape NEW

I agree to follow all rules and terms stated as joYrhYde terms and fees. I have read/understood all fees and terms, and agree that all fees and terms be applied to me at any given moment because I have understood them. I am fully responsible for keeping the joYrhYde Investment Portfolio to maintain all rewards. If j.I.P. is lost I understand that all rewards may not be kept in history anywhere within Gental Isreale and may be lost.

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