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Sky Scent Cleaning Service
Gental Isreale/2we1ve B.C. Corporation
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Sky Scent Cleaning Service is a Gental Isreale/2we1ve B.C. Corporation (Building Communties) which is covered by 2we1ve, under God. Every Bizz under Gental Isreale/2we1ve B.C. Corporation pays tithes to the Gental Isreale, The Heart of The Body of Christ(children of God), to assist the community, which is now Aiken County. Sky Scent provides residential and commercial cleaning services. The foundation of our business represents God and the idea that cleanliness is next to Godliness. Our goal is to provide a cleaning service that seems to bring an aura of Heaven. Whether cleaning a business or a private home, we want our service to always meet and/or exceed the expectation of each client. We are currently a small business looking to grow into a much larger business.
Note. Sky Scent Cleaning service will even offer a cleaning service for any individual who may need help cleaning themselves at any time, more specifically to that group who lack the ability to clean themselves, who will always be a top priority. Call for more details on this specific service. (health care cleaning)

I, Tammy Ham is the founder and owner of Sky Scent Cleaning Service. The idea to start this business stemmed from a thought to provide a service in the community of Aiken, SC that would add value to a person, a home, and/or a business work space that will be affordable for all. Serving through cleaning with affordable prices was the perfect thought! Our hope is to build a business brand and reputation through exceptional cleaning that represents God, while cleaning for individuals and businesses in the community. We look forward to gaining the opportunity to possibly serve you by providing you with all of your cleaning needs.

*The base price will be listed, but is subject to increase based on the size and amount of the requested cleaning, which will be determined by a free walk- through or by submitting pictures of an actual and accurate view of the areas needing to be cleaned. A Townsend Rule can be chosen as a option of providing everything needed for the services requested, where the cleaner needs only to bring themselves to complete the service. Gloves must be provided as part of the Townsend Rule. *ptpra=plus tax per room/area. *If you schedule a service, 12% of the total service is to be paid upon scheduling, non-refundable. *For optimal cleaning, hot/cold water from the place being cleaned for client may be used.

The 1st Peter 2:2(Basic Clean)
$12 plus tax per room/area
Townsend Rule applied, $5ptpra
-Dusting(solution sprayed on a dusting tool, no wiping)
-Light polish/Floor cleaning(depending on floor material)
*Joyride service fee will be applied to transport the Sky Scent cleaner for the Basic Clean, see

The Mathew 6:33(Surface Clean)
$24 plus tax per room/area
Townsend Rule applied, $19ptpra
– All basic cleaning needs included
– Organizing
– Taking out trash
-Wiping everything(walls included with consistent cleaning services) to remove surface dust.
(no cleaning of stains or particles)
-Polishing of wooden items

The Romans 11:33(Deep Clean)
$48 plus tax per room/area
Townsend Rule applied, $36ptpra
– All basic and surface cleaning services included
– Mopping
– Cleaning/Sanitizing everything (counter tops, desk tops, dresser tops, ceiling fans, light fixtures, door handles, blinds and window seals etc.
– Bathroom Cleaning (toilet, sink, showers, tubs, windows, mirror, floor)
– Walls and baseboards will be cleaned

The Psalms 51(Spiritual Clean)
$144 per room/area
Townsend Rule applied, $112ptpra
($112 if space is empty including all stationary items such as refrigerator, stove, fans, etc.
Townsend Rule applied, $96ptpra)
– All Basic, Suface, and Deep Clean services included
– Washing of walls and baseboards
– Cleaning inside/outside of cabinets, refrigerator, oven, and all like appliances.
– Windows and window pain
– Everything in the room will receive a detailed cleaning

– Carpet cleaning (not yet available)
– Furniture may need to be moved to reach all areas that need cleaning.
– Fixing of minor maintenance problems (will determine what qualifies to be fixed by our team on day of walk-through).

Luke 5:37(Outtin clean) $Price is total of cleaning types purchased for each area.
A cleaning type for all areas must be chosen for an Outtin Clean.
Purchase a Deep Clean for all rooms, kitchens and bathrooms, get other areas included in Total price ptpra

-Cleaning of all areas inside of Place, where just. needed house appliances are in the house.
-Cleaning done will be decided by choice of cleaning type per area

โ€œClean up What I messed upโ€/After Party or Event clean-up- $144 base rate
-Complete cleaning of entire area where event took place.
– Price is subject to increase based on what is requested to clean.
– A detailed description of what will need cleaning is required by client to receive a quote.

GrandMe- A back wash for the elderly women- $76

Clothes Washing/Drying Only- $144
-Up to 5 Baskets
– Properly Washed
-Properly Folded/Put on hangers (clients preference)

Additional services:
– Washing Clothes- $12
– Washing Dishes-$12
– Folding clothes-$12
– Hanging up clothes- $5-$12
– Putting away dishes- $5


*There is a 12% tax applied.
*A fee is applied for scheduling
*A fee will be applied for any service done outside of Aiken County.
*An area is not limited to a bedroom, living room, or kitchen. Closets are considered rooms/areas and a hallway or entrance way may or may not be considered an area based on its size or items occupying that area that will need cleaning.
* Your quote is calculated after we receive information on what you are requesting to be cleaned. If a walk -through is not done, you will receive an estimate price based on the prices listed above which may or may not slightly increase based on the amount of cleaning needed for whichever type of clean you choose.

**Smoking fee** There is a $144 fee for smoking in the area during the time of cleaning. No fee will be applied if it is a smoking environment and client chooses not to smoke during the time of service. A request for ventilation will be made if client chooses not to smoke during time of service, but is not required to avoid smoking fee.

*ONE TIME CUSTOMERS- If any customer is not contracting service/planning future cleaning services/agreeing to multiple cleaning services, you can not book past a month, without an extra fee of $144 for that one-time service, because it locks up comfortable dates and times for customers who use the service more consistently.
– 1 month in advance- Regular rate $24

FREE SPIRITUAL CLEANING- Refer 11 individuals. If those eleven individuals become a client(contracting service for a minimum of 12months), you will receive a FREE spiritual clean. You do not have to be a current client to earn this promotion. You will need to have been a consistent customer at some point.

(Daily-Weekly- Bi-weekly- Monthly-Yearly ect.) Anytime that you choose to schedule, however you choose to schedule.

Current Days/Hours (more hours will be available soon for Monday-Friday)
Monday- Friday 4pm-12am
Saturday- 24 hours; rate is 2X the base rate for each type of clean on Saturday.
Sunday- 24 Hours; rate will be 3X the base rate for each type of clean on Sunday.
*Weekends are currently not available for walk- through appointments

Call, text or email us to schedule your free walk-through. If you do not request a walk- through, we ask that you submit pictures of the room/areas needing to be cleaned and/or a floor plan if available.
*Free walkthroughs are to examine if the service that you are choosing will be more than the base rate, not to negotiate lower prices, or lesser services. The base rates are final. You can choose to not have some or the included services done, but it will not change the rate.

I hope you consider doing business with Sky Scent Cleaning Service! We are ready to serve! God Loves You!

-Tammy Ham, Sky Scent

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