It’s official 2021. We are here to Set a presence of God in the lives of the youth. I can not do it alone. I will need the parents to step up, and start to look at how allowing kids to grow up without rules that will keep them from sin, will lead them down horrible paths.

A very important piece of this program, deals with the sexuality of young children, preserving it in its correct form, and simplifying it so that the children are prepared to deal with the confusion they may have about sexuality of a man and women.

if we don’t tell them early, who will?? Are u going to let the whole world guide the Children, or
can we come together as parents and give the info and knowledge that may prevent unnecessary actions that happen to kids and are taken by kids from ever being a trauma to the young minds.

The 10 commandments will be a base for rules/law in the godSet.

Parents Call for info 8036452506, until I post further.

all kids ages 12 and up can begin to study the ways of a godSet and have mentors under 2we1ve assist in Uing the daily struggles that being a young god holds.

I have the keys, and the history. -Qisreale

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