Gental Isreale(A Body of Christ )-A building outside of the building. We are Gods people. As of August 7th 2021,I dont, publicly use words considered as curse words.-2we1ve


ANYBODY ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD CAN BEGIN THE JOINING PROCESS AT ANY TIME🙂!! Comment below or call 2we1ve at 8036452506, any time.

Established 2020, as a church under 2we1ve, which is under God, as believers of Jesus Christ, also known as Yashua. The head of the church will always be 2we1ve. 2we1ve will teach the church things on a level for the everday person who is trying to understand the things of God, to be able to grasp. The church will allow a setting for people to build the relationship they have with God, while trying to perfect the relationships they have with people in the church, as followers of christ, all other followers of christ, and those who do not choose to follow christ as well. As Gental Isreale, we will constantly work to try and build a large “body of Christ” that is on one accord all throughout the world.


Anyone seeking to become a member must first read or listen to the Message of Love, an autobiography published by Quincy Valentino Dean. Quincy Valentino Dean is the name of the current member of 2we1ve, and goes by Qisreale(Kizz-Real) Trulth(Trool-th). The book can be found on the Autobiographical World page of

After a person has read or listened to the book, they must understand the message in the book that explains what Love is. By understanding the message, they must choose to no longer say “I love you” to anyone, and also understand how the usage of the word Love must only apply to God.

Once the understanding of Love is confirmed by 2we1ve, the person will be written in as a member, and will be worked with from that point on to remain a member by following all rules which will be explained in more detail to them after being written in.


Once a member, the choice of sin must stop immediately. The 10 commandments will be the base of what should not be done as a person choosing to live a lifestyle pleasing to God with intentions to help others. If you still battle with things of sin, relating to the 10 commandments, finding no strength to control those acts, the church will work with u to try and teach you how to overcome those things so that you can walk with Gental Isreale in a lifestyle that is free from the choice of sin. The amount of time given to each person by the church may vary, depending on each circumstance of the individual. No one choosing to sin will ever be a member of Gental Isreale.


10% of all money received by any member of Gental Isreale is expected to be paid, as an agreement to God, not the church. We will not ask for 10% of anything else because the church does not know how to get 10% out of anything, officially, other than money.

Tithes will be kept in a bank where members will always be able to see what the tithes were withdrawn for, and be able to make decisions about what any percentage of tithes they have invested into the church goes towards. 2we1ve will control all accounts until an accountant is established.

Any member will also be allowed to receive personal loans and business loans, as agreed by the members or rules of the church.


A person in the church can choose to marry outside of the church. A woman will not marry outside of the church and still be a part of Gental Isreale, unless it is approved by the husband she chooses to marry. Men will be free to marry as they choose.


Anyone can come to a service, or any event held by Gental Isreale. We do not have the authority to turn no child of God away from fellowship with us. A non member will not be allowed to, directly participate in anything that Gental Isreale presents to the world as the curch Gental Isreale.

No tithes or offerings will be accepted from a person who isn’t a member. All donations can be made to 2we1ve directly, or directly at “Donations” page at


After 18 months of being 1 of Gental Isreale, the member will begin to post the life story, starting as far back in life as they can remember, on the Autobiographical World page at

Tammy Shanetta Ham, OF Gental Isreale, church.
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