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Work Down Below👇👇

He ain thinkin like Lincoln, he drinkin.

Current Item For Sale


1st Genesis Edition PP glass, wood, video.

Man of God, Knowledge Equals Wisdom, aka lil Cross, 8-7-16(4yrs), is going to sell all completed puzzles.

Video and pictures of him doing parts of each puzzle will be included with all puzzles completed after August 23rd, 2020.

Upgrade/Insurance Opt, $12 a month for 12 months, secures future fix and upgrades to items.

If there is any special history/events that took place during the Fine Art Work, it will be included.

All puzzles are being done to be sold for profit in the Company that he has.

Different prices will be due to the time he had to put into the puzzle.

He will be learning patience and that hard work pays.

He will eventually pay tithes out of all money received when the church Gental Isreale is established.

This will be the First job he has where he will make money for the work he does and start to learn how to apply that money to better help the Kingdom of God.

As of now, he has………..


(10/01/20) in random stock from sales, donations, and money he received from people.

(10/26/20) All money has been withdrawn to purchase a bulk of product. He is fully invested into the company he has right NOW.

He will not be able to withdraw any funds until he is 12 years old.

Each puzzle will come with a 2we1ve “stamp”, as it is a business that we assisted him in starting and assure that all things are of God concerning it.

There will be some type of 🙂🙂marking from lil Cross and appreciation message.

All puzzles are intented to be viewed as Fine Art Work, as he learns to express Finely the Work in Art.


There were bids for these👆first three puzzles(in the office he has🙂) that were auctioned and sold setting the base prices of $20+12cent tax. We stopped the work here in representation of the the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. JEHOVA, JESUS CHRIST, AND THE HOLY SPRIT.

Appreciation to…..

💫Mama Bug💫Aunt Tia💫Fam💫

Thank, GOD!!

3 Items purchased👇

At $20+12cent tax. $22.40total

Appreciation to …..

💫Aunt Shirley💫Na Na💫Aunt Neke Neke💫

Thank God!!

Last Puzzle Picture-PP

$20+12cent tax SOLD Ends 1st round sale

Appreciation to


Thank God!!


$144+12¢ Tax

All Picture Puzzles done in this sequence are a beginning of formating a way to incorporate Godly things into every PP. All PP’s will now come with a sought out picture, and frame to match the PP more than before, as well as a special additive hidden in the work. UNTOLD. All Genesis Edition PP’s will come with a Flash Drive with a 12 minute video of the Beginning of the Fine Art Work. All available videos of the work will come with the purchase of INSurance/UPGrade at 12$ a month for 12 months. INS/UPG will include fixing and replacement of any damage, new puzzle if needed(different picture), and new Real Gold frame work and additives at a later date if/when the Fine Art Work is able to do so. All INS/UPG options come at no additional charge. Limited time to Purchase INS/UPG option.

All Genesis Edition PP’s are available for layaway from now till the 12th of December.



Split Set $144 Sold, Appreciation to
💫Snap 💫Kash💫 💫 Thank God!! 💫


Split Set $144 Sold, Appreciation to
💫 Thank God!! 💫

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