C.E.S. 125/Customers Eye Services 125

Album, Play Me On Sunday https://youtu.be/2yXQYfgb1W8 (parental advisory) As of August 7th 2021,I don’t We publicly use words considered as curse words.-2we1ve

This is the place where 2we1ve will begin a format that will allow for the max safety, cleanliness, and the best customer service to be applied to all places where children of God interact with or are affected by companies in the world.

It will work by setting up a community of people who look to inform the rest of the community, as well as hold accountable all people who participate in not offering the best business they are capable of when it involves customer service in any way.

The names of all company’s will be applied/posted with the problem that is posted about them, and the reactions of the person over the company, in response to statements made about them.

By participating in this dialogue, people will bring light to problems in business that can cost people money, time, turmoil, and unnecessary pain.

We hope that all statements are honest and we will try to validate as much as possible, whether the statements made about anyone or thing, is true.

First city to be posted will be Aiken, where I reside, and we will begin Customers Eye Services 125/C.E.S.125 here in Aiken, South Carolina. The name was thought of using an old school I attended looooong uhgo.


Kroger. Aiken SC

Aug 2020


Con…..I was told that if I did not have a mask, I can buy one, so that I could shop, Kroger does not provide mask for people to shop and feed families. I still haven’t heared a response from Kroger.

Update Nov 23 2020..I spoke with a male manager on the phone about the issue, and found that there may have been a misunderstanding between the worker and management, because Kroger had been passing out mask to individuals at the door to anyone who needed it, until people rarely needed it (wonderful customer service) I was informed that if a mask was needed I could get one.

Wendys. Whiskey Rd. Aiken SC.

Aug 2020

Con…..They are using the title of “Natural” for a drink they. It is not made with “Natural” ingredients.

Pro…..The manager lady was more than helpful with issue that came up.

Aiken Fish House. Aiken SC

Aug 2020

Pro…..I was very demanding and asked plenty questions. I was still treated with patience by the ladies I spoke with, and the order had no problems.

Dollar Tree, South Side of Aiken SC

August 2020


There was a situation of disrespect from all 3 workers, 2 woman 1 male, all white, and an off duty public safety officer white lady as well, where I was kicked out of the attire after being ignores by the employees, for trying to understand why mask were not given to customers, and teyinv to get a corporate number to address the situation. The video I recording talking about incident is lost.


I spoke with someone after calling corporate that assured me that is not the way business should have been handled, and action will be taken. I don’t not know what the action was, but I was told the they would go and get the others side of the story and check the cameras(if I understood correctly).

Wendys Richland Ave Aiken

August 26 2020


Tammy Ham came in after ordering from Wendy’s and I was told that she tried to bite the sandwich and couldn’t even pull it apart. She felt the sandwich was raw, and she still hasn’t heard back from them.

Mcdonalds Whiskey Rd Aiken SC

August 26 2020


I had a problem with an order at this restaurant, which was handled by a manager after calling in.

I returned to this restaurant and was approached with all around great customer service, that showed to me, that the people who are over this store value the responses of customers and work to better the customer service. Justin, I appreciate the service.

Burger King Whiskey Rd

I was in store the day before(aug 17/2021)and had an issue with “cold” food. I spoke with the manager about the issue. I wasn’t treated with any disrespect whem speaking with the manager, but only entered yesterday because Tammy was treated/responded to with a bad customer service response by one of the workers.

Aug 18/2021 On the morning of receiving this order it was very close to change over time to lunch im assuming, and ive been in restaurants where they treat that time as a time to rush and not handle orders with the proper care, so that they can change over quickly. Im supposing this is what happened.

i will update the response of the call in to corporate at a later date.

Update. I really didnt allow for a response, i just ranted on about how its not right that corporate companies allowed this type behavior for years. The representative was kind and said the issue would be reported to the “team”(suhmt like that)

National Tires and Brakes NTB Whiskey Rd Aiken SC

Late2021(i think. im late posting this)


I went in for a specific service and wasnt told the complete service wasn’t done. The facility was filthy and had roaches. Nothing done when called to complain

Greenbriar Apartments 5 nancy lane Aiken SC



Horrible maintenance, the staff is willing to make up stories and lie on the tenants. Never recommended if there is another option.


There is an old white lady living there, i think by the name Virginia that is a wonderful help to that area as a woman of God that goes to the church Mercy.
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