Living to accomplish peace, is different than beeing peaceful. There are so many things that we seek to be successful at, having no need to find success in accomplishing peace. Peace and Caring Like Peas and Carrots 🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕 -2we1ve

Death Toll

I try the best I can, every day, to make sure that when I’m killed, it’s not because of a persons petty action, that they don’t even think is serious, because they think Beeing Petty is a lil game, or… Read More ›


IS THE CITY STATE OF MIND u IN A TOXIC CITY?? Toxic🚧🎢 just ain’t in those stupid Boyfriend Girlfriend relationships yaw be booin up on. THE HOLE FAMILY u ARE A PART OF IS PROBABLY TOXIC!!-2we1ve

Live Right

We are alive and well. People must have lost that joy had in playing in the fields. Why have u become tolerant from fear?? If fear is all left, a hard right should be near. 🙂🙂I heard thiim scary nigguhs… Read More ›


They left me out. They counted me in the wrong number. They stuntid when there was already more than enuff wreckage to warn them. They killed shit, they never knew grew after death. -2we1ve


There’s a demon that is watching u right NOW. percentage=99% u don’t have to believe in thiim😏🤨 Don’t let the plot thicken. This ain that pot chicken u like lickin. -2we1ve


MESSAGE SENT TO Nina and Bobby Kinnebrw Im done. I’m not fighting anymore. Kew made the decision. I’m not playing talk back any more. here is the option for u both and it’s only two. I talked to Debra and… Read More ›

Happy ShutUp

I don’t have time to say Happy Birthday all year, its not important. I’m too bizzy trynuh make sure people at least git to see the next one they have, minimize the celebration of dumb shit. The less fortunate are… Read More ›

Under God

“I pledge alligence, to the flag, of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” This is why the U.S.A. will stand, because it… Read More ›

Deep Weep

Since 2020, I’ve cried more on this mission as 1 of 2we1ve, than I have throughout the whole life I lived, outside of getting woopins as a Kid. I am hurting now more than ever from the lack of understanding… Read More ›

Sexy White Thang

2we1ve.com The “SEXUAL PREDATORY” tied into the history of the “WHITE MAN” throughout history, shows in the “WHITE WOMEN” of tuhday……..💪💪💪💪💪 I think…the “BLACK MAN” just joined in. There was a power working to fix the issue, that, “THAT TYPE”… Read More ›


Before u can upload a video for whatever purpose u choose to upload it, u must flrst record for looooong periods of time, not knowing whether u will ever be able to upload it into the world. The world believe,… Read More ›


Me and u for right now “yuhng 2we1ve”, Knowledge Equals Wisdom agb lil Cross, Son of God, under the parents, Tammy Ham and Quincy Valentino Dean agb “King.” Qisreale Trulth, of 2we1ve. He will be 4 tuhmrw. He is learning… Read More ›

New Hope

20 years uhgo, they didn’t know who they were teaching. They didn’t know what they were teaching me. Tyming is funny, how now happens to be the time for me to do this work, and look at the shape the… Read More ›

Dead Wrong😏

When this body dies, if, under God, 2we1ve has not established a man of God to research this body. DONT LET THIIM STUDY NUHTHIN!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT SHIT!!!!! Pronounce me dead, and burn it all up n make it float suhmwhere. If… Read More ›

Invisible Ass

Dont be lookin at me like that wit all that make-up on🤪😑😑😑😑!!!! I cant even see u.😑…..Where the hell u goin anyway?? Uh play set, video, moovieshoot……huh😧, what u say?? -2we1ve


In younger days, everything I ever wanted to be, and believed in, I had never seen in life. 😑😑It was insightfully fitting that I should find God. I am forever Thankful to him. Thank, God!! -2we1ve

Dead Beat.

There is only one reason why I’m not killing people on theses streets of Aiken county SC, religiously(Broad Day 💫) !!!!! GOD GAVE THE WORD NOT TO!!!!! Yaw nigguhs ain no Killers, u were just hired to be retarted, n… Read More ›

Fb ullshit

Facebook be on dat bull shit. Why I gottuh laugh hysterically😃? I can’t jus smile🙂. Gottuh be angry😡, can’t jus be uh lil upset uhbout it🙂. I gottuh be amazed 😮, cryin😪, or dat new lil bitch as nigguh🙂🙂 dey… Read More ›

Out of Sight.

Who told u it was okay to believe that the idea of suhmthing that isn’t really here, can be created by the mind?? -2we1ve #GodShit #lookinfor11 2we1ve.com

One Lonely Number.

1 Woman, having dealt with, “Many Men”(sup Fifty50), can die saying only 1 of “Many” treated her as if she had value. 1 of 2we1ve will always be 1 of thiim “Men”, not “Many”. -2we1ve #Iamoneof2we1ve #lookinfor11 2we1ve.com

Who’s is it??

Its easier to say, “I have a personal relationship with God”. u LIARS!!!!! Its easier to believe that because it enables u to not have to question how WRONG u are. -2we1ve 2we1ve.com

5-12 Shift

Different types of work, will require different levels of freedom inorder to complete the job. Where there was no freedom, no mind has ever succeeded. -2we1ve 2we1ve.com

What History??

Wtf is black history?? There is no history but world history. So immuh need uh white history month, a mexican history month. African….I ain stay in school that long. Yaw git the point. The black history i hear bout, jus… Read More ›

Git Right Wit Ya

Im willing to die to git right wit God. Yaw willing tuh die tuh git “right” bout “ya nigguhs” n deez bitches…..or whatever. To God: Bring it on nigguh😑😑😉. u know me. no flex, frfr. -2we1ve #lookin for 11 #2we1veEverything

Sin ew

Fuuuck!! We like to cuhn tuhgether for the wrong reason, but tuhgether is tuhgether, so when we direct that energy tuhward the right direction……BLA……not blm. BLASTOFF!! Houston, sin has a problem!!!!! -2we1ve #lookinfor11 #2we1veEverything

Sin Free??

Pay uhttention class…..God made World. God said don’t Sin. u choose Sin, but upset with Death. SCRIPTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Romans 6:23 kjv The wages of sin is…????? Dizzaaaaam!!!!!!!!!!!! Now maybe i can sleep😉(no smile) #2we1ve.com #2we1veEverything. #thePOLICEarenot12 We are 2we1ve and Peter… Read More ›

Closed Mouth

I feel like at times, God might be questionin me, like, “why u not feedin my sheep?” I dont say much. I just keep trynuh shove food in a closed mouth……..Thank God the food never spoils. -2we1ve #lookinfor11 #2we1ve.com