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I am a man of God, believing in Jesus Christ. I have lived through all types of situations, and this is why I think that the experience of those situations allow me to help out with any problem you may have with thoughts that make you have to deal with negative emotions.

I call it therapy sessions because therapy can be based around all types of topics. If you are experiencing negative emotions often, then this is were I believe the things that I’ve learned can help to ease that pain and hopefully end it, or bring Uing to it that lessens the pain.

This is a hope that the therapy might prevent you from having to be dependant on any type of medicine to ease a pain that can be prevented from ever existing if u have knowledge. For those who may already be on medication, it may help u be better able to deal with issues, and possibly allow for the removal of medicine if that is even a physical option.

You do not have to believe in Jesus to receive help from someone who does, the same way you do not have to believe in Jesus to receive money from a person who does.

I am putting this message into the air because we all need an outlet to freely express, without being looked down on in any way. I can say that I will not look down on you nor tell any secrets, because I have done things that I have been looked down on about(Message of Love/ ), and U how hurtful that is.

All the things I have done are available for the world to โ€œseeโ€, so I offer to you a โ€œfreedโ€ option, that had I not been given at any point in life, I would probably be in a worse state of mind, from hyding.

This is a way for me to start building trust with people in the world, starting with individuals who can use the help that I am offering. I like to have a job that helps people, and I think that this is a great way for me to do that and make money to support me and family, as well as aid the future plans to help every person on this planet. I view all people as children of God.

I charge $12 because its the cheapest price I will settle for, when people may try to take advantage of the time in life that I value, being precious, allowed by God. $12 sessions will prevent me from making the offering of self, so expensive, that I run away those who may be seeking assistance about an issue.

I think that it also is a optional lesson for people who spend way more money on things that will not, and can not help them at all, to U how they value things that offer them no life. It opens the door for that mindset to be challenged, because if for instance, you go spend $12 on a piece of dead food, then $12 for possible clarification in life that can breed happiness, and feed the part of you that really lives, is a small price to pay for just the idea of what type of positivity or relationship that might build.

I will not always be available for these sessions. $12 or not, or even for more amounts of money, this is a limited time offer of this value.

I have plans to be constantly doing things that involve mass amounts of people. If I succeed in these things, people will wish that I could be personally available to them.

I will finish reading and presenting in as many forms as possible, the life story, autobiography, Message of Love.
It will be free, as well as the reading of the Bible for all who are going along with the book. These are the things, along with many others that I have planned for the Kingdom of God, all of which will be free, constantly, throughout the life I live. I will never charge for the word of God, nor for the work I do for the people in that manner.

So I am 35 years old, a man of God, that is starting this small business under 2we1ve, as a way of income, and for building personal relationships with different people all across the world. This will show that we can forgive and all can find peace up under God, regardless of beliefs/religion.

The Love of God will prevail.

I am one of a self proclaimed group of Teachers, called 2we1ve.(apply to join) I will always work to be called one of the Greatest Teachers on Earth, and all the credit will be given to God, when it is shown what positive human to human contact is.


I will listen and apply teachings differently based on what u believe about life.

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