2we1ve Jobs/Hiring

To all Aiken South Carolina residents.
Spread the word.

Aiken Stand!!

As we continue to try and build brands and start businesses, we will need workers.

Leave full name and how to contact you in the comments below.

We will hire the first person on the list. All you have to do is be a human being, making you a child of God, and u will be given the opportunity to work and earn income with 2we1ve.


Send a message, with name, and contact info, or call and reserve/hold a spot for a job.

The order of hiring will go from first to last in the comment section. Any special situations will be handled per individual, when contacted.

After leaving name in the comments, u can send contact information to email, or call 24 hrs

2we1ve at 803-645-2506

Sky Scent at 803-645-9465

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