WaIt LoL RiOt CaKe

Everybody always soundin slack, because that’s exactly what Satan has made the world of Commentors, slack. What are yaw sayin even anyway?? First off, nobody Knows if it was set up, meaning him and Chris Rock had a HAND in it(see what I did there?🙂🙂(retor/humor)), but everybody is talking like they KNOW. Second, if it wasn’t a setup to set it off(see what I did there?🙂🙂(retor/humor), thiin, nobody is going to forgive Will Smith?? Gaaaaah Daaaaam, 99% of the world has gone crazy, like this man has ever been seen dooing anything wrong, uhther than this pressured slap.(assuming it was all in his Will(see what I did there?🙂🙂), and no one else’s).

From all the history I’ve seen posted on line, the academy had a problem with Jada, or Chris Rock did, either way, bullying, even by comedy, is a form of abuse, and a open hand slap to the face of the Bully, or the transmitter used to Bully, in order to relay a message to both parties, is a small fraction of what pain BULLYING causes.(assumptional facts)

Why would anybody but a slave master want Chris Rock (black/field ni kkk uh) to press charges on a man like Will Smith(light Black/house ni kkk uh), to completely tarnish/ possibly incarcerate a man for what may have been an outcry for help/emotional breakdown?????


Will Smith in so many words, which if spoken true, told the world the pressure he was under to be a better man up under God, and maybe he is learning what that means, because for the longest time, all he had to do was act, and be the best husband and male parent he Ud how to be, wile growing up very young in a harsh acting workplace since a Fresh Prince 🤴.

God Loves u Will Smith, and God Loves u Chris Rock. We appreciate the “CENTURIES” of work that Will better this Rock(see what I did there.😏(humor). God Loves Only, and that is the reason why mistakes like this can occur with decent men up under God.

Forgive Every Man, or at least act like it in such a way that u receive an Oscar for it.

-G.I.Sirvant, Qisreale 2we1ve Trulth of 2we1ve

PS race to finish forgiveness and we all win. 

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  1. Dr Kola Kolawole, male Psychiatrist from Hamilton Ontario had been convicted of second degree felony, forcible sexual abuse, and third degree felony forcible sodomy… molestation of three juvenile patients at the ontario facility where he worked, and sexual assault of a highschool girl in a park. He destroyed my daughters life so much injustice in the world.

    • Thank God, they can rebuild it. If u will allow them to read the book, Message of Love here at 2we1ve.com in the Autobiographical world tab, they begin to U the evil and injustices of life, and also the Love God, which will bring Uing to what they have gone through, giving them the strength they will need to start over and establish a new structure for themselves.
      -G.I. Sirvant, 2we1ve

      PS life is just beginning after hurtful living

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