You are Messing up.

You are able to do, at all times, whatever you choose to do. If every individual were not in control of the choices they have, where is there room for judgement on judgment day?????

I guess Jesus(Yashuah) will judge God(Yaweh) for everything being predestined, and God having a plan for every individual.

You all sound stupid, every time you all open them mouths

“If it happens, it was meant to happen”, is the saying of ignorance, when its said to mean that an individual didnt have control over what happened.

We were given control over how this thing would turn on every since The Garden of Eden.

If you are going to keep blaming God for giving you life, just kill yourself. “It was meant to be”

How about, take responsibility for disbelief and lack of Knowledge, and die, living to understand what choice you should make to better those around you, into understanding, that we run everything, because God gave us the ability to, here on earth.

Satans a Tricky dude.


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