Debra Lynn Dean(MOM)

You were a bad parent.

Given the circumstances u were dealing with, u raised me very well, by applying the concepts u Ud about God, and I MeM how u took care of me.

If it were not for u correcting yourself and submitting to God the way u Ud how, I would not be the man of God I am today.

I still don’t fuck wit u, because u are crazy, but I uhpahlogize for beeing so mean at times, and I appreciate u trying as often as I saw u to tap in with God and be a Godly woman.

Life is tuff. I saw most of what u had to go through as a Black Woman of God in this world.

🙂Forgive Me.

God Loves u, and I thank God that u were the mother I came out of.

“Who is my mother and my brother and my sister”(scripture)

-the only son u have living(I think), -Quincy Valentino Dean/Qisreale 2we1ve Trulth

PS Honor thy mother n Father in the Lord…..(scripture).

I don’t do it for these days to be longer. u deserve it. Look at the mothers of today.

I MeM u😉 “Big Debbie” “Alf” “Preacher Woman” “The Bee”

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