When This Body Dies -2we1ve

Dont let thiim tell u that it was not my time.

Dont let thiim tell u that they snuck me.

Dont let thiim trick u into believing that I shouldn’t have been dead anyway.

Its 2022. Ive lived enuff. Its 2022. They say they killed Jesus sooner. Brother u won 🙂 uhgin. Im still here reppin u till the death.

Im striking a pose on all of u. u see me, and if u dont u will. “SELFIE“-Crunk Nasty

If I died a death today, its heart dwelling how the world goes on.

Ill flip a 🏠 upside down just to stand on the roof.

Then there are those who act foolishy, but they are of the same fold. Ill iron uhm out.

I wish these hands weren’t tied, but I MeM when they literally were “tied”.

The world will hold u in such a fancy illusion that u become wicked with the sights of it.

Not me. There is suhmthing bright in me, a light I did not create. You wont put it out by sheer will alone. That’s God’s dooing.

O how yaw speak so fluent but have no river of life flowing from within. What is that slime? Wel there is the slippery slope you toy down.

Ive felt it all, and u still dont feel for anything. u lost by brute force that took you through a whirlwind of mind blowing.

God stands so awesome, and the plan is unknown, but Im vibing to it. How, say u? I am unknown as well. Isnt it, or hasnt it become obvious 😒😏.

Of course not. Im living to die, and yawl are dieing to live backwards…… keep rolling that way, and u will surely be flattened.

Lord they talk to me like I have forgotten the things that they didnt see.

Lord they talk to me like they are scared to admit that the positivity in me they ain never seen.

Lord I scare thiim. They are so soft. u have broken a majority of the people on this planet. Thy will be done.

Still, in will, I feel where pills tried to numb it.

Feels to what I deal wit, and I match that energy to reel in by the wheel.

I will through all fields of cotton, as they plucked me.

Ill heel to your will as it is Ud through Knowledge.

-Qisreale 2we1ve Trulth

PS yaw stop playin wit me

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  1. 🙂🙂At this point, it’s always a wonderful day to Thank God. Dead or In Jail were major options for me without reason before the choice to no longer choose sin.

    I just don’t know if the status of this man would be stable without the Love of God.

    Though he rains on the just as well as the unjust, to be a child of God doesn’t require you knowing, and that is The Love of Our Father.

    Only God Loves You.
    -G.I. Sirvant, 2we1ve

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