Awwwww Dmmmmm!!

People are confused by the level of care I apply to them as nobodies to me. They don’t respect the life Im willing to put in harms way for them when they will never do the same for me. I must look stoopid out here galloping gladly in the faces of MANKIND, approaching to help heal for free.

I am a free Man.

God you are so awesome, and I am such a wreck.

If I be so simple and they tend not to hold to this hand when they clearly U that they are lost, they are not able to yield to the Love you have for them.

The Love of God has become unrecognizable to the children of God who need it most.

Whats a simple man like me to do? -Gerald Lervert

The displacement of Love with God, is a misplacement of Love from God.

For God so Loved the world, he gave his only begotten son(scripture).

For God so Loved the world, the happiness to be had by me here on this planet is constantly at risk, because we stand in the gap. And not at the front of the store Ye(called Kanye West in times past).

But Man says they Love man, and those Mans are deviously spreading propaganda.

Why must we live like this?

Why must we die like this?

Thank God that so many are confused, because somehow I found a way in the number through confusion.

Satans a tricky dude, and so is the unlearned soul that is you. You NOW have double the battle with a two edged sword that fights you for you as well.

we are losing to ourselves, because “nobody”wants to be the loser.

I say that I am the greatest uhmuhngst u, so here I am serving.

-Servant Qisreale 2we1ve Trulth

PS God Loves u.

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