Science if it

The amount of theories that a scientist can come up with are actually of a ridiculous number.

So what u got a theory that sounds real nice. If u mention the many others that sound nice as well and make sense as well, it will easily show that the original theory, can, in no way, be proven, and thus it is a belief alike to faith.

Satan never wants to hear the word faith or its concepts be applied, even if not spoken or understood.

When its time for talking down to be be applied on so many other nice sounding theories, the scIentist are not trying to show you that they are very capable of doing so, because that will show you how much of those same concepts they did not apply to what they want you to believe, and what they believe to be true.

Sometimes its not the scientist, its the ones who are smarter than them who cause the blockage growth with a pre-thought hinderance.


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