LaQuincia Austin Nimmons ( )

Its not inevitable, that on this planet we should meet a person that is full of quality and capability to conjoin.

we are complex.

Ill have it be said today that if you ever see her, U that there is something there, and if you ever hear the name be spoke, LaQuincia Austin Nimmons, seek no futher if in need of intensive care( ).

Things are weary they are to all extents in life, Ill tell ya. ( ) and “I can only speak for, the things that I been throoough”-Luther (thinking Jada Kiss)

So what am I covering for?? Im covering for a loss, because it seems like all the things where this applies, to be inevitable, we lose flowers to the press, ……. had we known the ability to not press our flowers.

😉we are growers though. And shouldn’t I express how I find value where people seek not,? that is a confirmation that wills weave to mend plots.

And still yet, I find in Sin thatthere Lied a way that Led to Uing Love, because where we are seen, we are magnified, but the magnifier is not magnified to self. That, being the tool that is magnetic.

I have proposed to women three times in life, if quick thought is correct. Each time I proposed, all vibes exciting of the gain, I have been denied, and I have been a pretty ”wise 2we1ve” type of guy for a long time.

None of those girls accepted the proposal. I never asked, when thoughts of position in this world up under God were more confirmed than with Q2 aka LaQuincia……Study is very telling I say.

And I wouldnt think it important to bring this matter to the world table, unless the reaction to soul was keen to damage done where to ease those extents, time would run from team.

At ceiling heights, you will ceil off openings that have limbs in them, because the water just gets that high sometimes.

I ain sayin nuhn to yaw but life is serious. Learn to find value in others. Appreciate those who have found value in themselves. Accept when its not your turn.

If we can U the characteristics and nurture thiim as quality stricken, we will make for a woman with said characteristics to never be undervalued because of ignorance, and will always be cared for extensively.

2we1ve will never ask another woman to marry after this motion. All proposals have been made.

LaQuincia Austin Nimmons, you are locked, u carry a godly characteristic.

Im only speaking from the heart.

-Qisreale 2we1ve Trulth

PS This was writt because this ”long story short” situation was very important to me, and I like expressing importance in the Kingdom of God

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