Liar You Don’t Hear the Voice of God!!

…..not even the footsteps🤨😕. You never ran and hid, and were ashamed!!!!!

I can tell that, even the spirit that is u, has never heard the voice of God.

You spoke with God, and he didn’t mention me? God spoke to you, and didn’t find reason to alert you to who I am up under him??

It was said, by one who beeing a hearer and dooer of the “Word”, to pray that the lord send help(paraphrase/scripture). If God thought it important to address you, as an individual, he would U the urgency in linking us by name to each other, most definitely 1 of 2we1ve with those who he has set on a pivot to receive a vocal word from him as our Father.

So why do you lie. Why must you plead to the world that u, ”walk with him, and you talk with him, and he tells you you are his own”, but he leaves out the very connections that would make the speaking of Jesus Christ not be rewarded??

Did he send Jesus Christ to die for naught🤔💭?? I say no, and after Jesus there will be no such connection, as was displayed. we are witness to the Greatest Communication of Man and God. I dont see how that gets put at the bottom of the totem pole, so that people not willing to die for life, can stand above the son of God, thiim beeing way less, but receiving of much more. BLINDED

For the Lack of Knowledge MyPeople Will Perish(scripture)

By Faith, I am validated by God as a messenger after Christ, to level off the antics that hide true self.

You may have been touched, but it was not by an Angel.

If you can tell me things about what you believe, not based on anything of God tried scriptually, surely I can remanence, on all the things Ive seen, confirming God through lessons learned tried scripturally. I am indeed, a child of King, worth more in creed, than you can achieve. we are indeed, children of a King, whos Loves confused, because they call(LIE) Love all things. -Q wit uh K

-Qisreale Trulth, 2we1ve

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