Charlamane The god

Id like to be the first man, as one of 2we1ve up under God to give Charlamane of the breakfast club, the biggest hehaw, for beeing a, so far, “P4Life Donkey” that calls out other donkeys for a one act Donkey of day.

2we1ve would like to extend Donkey as a title to the god, for not seeing, mooving blindy as those who he chooses to give donkey of the day to, not noticing till this day, that he is an employee of Donkey Creatorial Mess. So bizzy giving out hehaws that he doesn’t notice the sound of the voice he has, as beeing the call to all to be a Donkey just like him.

the Donkeys shall know the voice of the Donkey, and when heard, it should blindy fall in the ditch from confusion of sound.(scripture)


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