I need Help. How can u Help?????

  1. Tell everyone about a man of God, referring to himself, as Qisreale 2we1ve Trulth, a member of a body of Christ called Gental Isreale, living in U.S.A. Aiken South Carolina, claiming to be the only person in the world to U Godly things at this highest level, looking for The 11 other people who can.
  2. Read Message of Love, the autobi of a portion of majority of the life I lived, found here on this website, or the Bible, found almost anywhere in the world where a rock is, and Stop Sinning long enough to question whether u been living right all these years, and to see what the positive effects of that change might be, because it just might make you “rich beyond your wildest dreams”. its worth a shot
  3. Be at peace with Life, Live Non Violenty long enough for me to make enough money to end poverty, and DO UNTO OTHERS AS u WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO u.(scripture)
  4. Think more often, W.W.J.D? what would Jesus do?
  5. Believe in a history other than one that has self as the main importance, because we humans do not make the world go around.

-Qisreale Trulth, 2we1ve

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  1. …and I guess the biggest maybe most important one of all, as I was reminded by an elder at a basketball camp at smith hazel Aug/Sept 22, U what love is, and try to Love God with all thine heart…etc(scripture)
    Only God Loves.
    -G.I. Sirvant, 2we1ve

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