More Than Dhurt Roads

Don’t use time in life to learn things the hard way, when the history of others is available, showing you in so many ways that you will be hurt going down that road.

You do not have to learn the hardway. You choose to be lazy, and stubborn, and all those things that are negative, instead of choosing to be bold, and fearless.

Use this 120years to die in the belief of God, trying to do the positive things for others that the greats have showed us, brought true happiness to others, and not to chase the things that bring happiness to yourself.

Selfishness is Blinding.

There isnt much new going on, or much new growth going on.

2we1ve(12) has tried it “all”, and been tried by it “all”, tired by it”all”.

Trust in God, and be a witness of the work that those who believe in him have suffered through.

We are great, not by the actions, but by the belief in God that sparked thiim, 1st. By God the belief was sparked at first.

Check the history.

👻Thank God👻



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