Flagged Me Down

If 2we1ve had a flag, it would fly.

If 2we1ve has a swag, it is Fli.

If 2we1ve is to brag, without Uing Gods Love(the only Love) is why, 2we1ve will die.

The mindset of 2we1ve has been hit similarly to the reward, of a Pearl Harbor say🤔, MeM me this day, and previously all the more, as that “MS” settles at half the “score”.

If u are not 1 of 2we1ve, this mind and matter will not set with u to shore.

Rest assured we are at “half mast”🤒.

If its the will of God, forever more.

The things that are impossible with man, are possible with God.-scripture

Be slow to anger, saddens sadness at the door.

If i am not who i said I am, won’t matter, Quote the Q(Qisreale), never more🤷‍♂️(Shut the Fuck up).

Qisreale Trulth, 2we1ve

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