THEY made being a BLACK MAN so hard, that they in turn made being a MAN hard. When they did that, MEN seen too easily that being a woman was EASIEST, so thats what men started to do, they chose to think like and be woman, because the brain had no strength to think about trying to be a man.

Thank God for understanding.

If it had not been for the mind of Christ, I would probably be out here so confused that I would think being, acting, and dooing all the things that a woman does, was the best thing for me, because I never was taught the…..


that a man has in the kingdom of God.

Dont u think if walking up right with a strong posture, beeing black, talking with a deep voice, mooving with structure, order and power, while having a dick, would git u hung, beaten, wooped, tortured, castrated, or just plain mistreated and killed, that given the circumstances, not having any knowledge of God or Christ, that a man might choose fucking in the butt, or being fucked in the butt as a option to live rather than die?????

…or family not being removed or killed??

Its just always been easier……..

We havent even began to talk uhbout those who were sexually forced into the emotion of thinking like a woman or likeing a man, or both.

King Qisreale Truth of 2we1ve, under God, in Aiken SC. U.S.A.

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