Before u can upload a video for whatever purpose u choose to upload it, u must flrst record for looooong periods of time, not knowing whether u will ever be able to upload it into the world. The world believe, and have been trained in that task to not even think whther the work they do is in vain. The platform for thiim to put out thongs in the world makes the work almost effortless, because the world deals in many things that do not have value. When u are in a work for God, u must work diligently, before u can ever find out if the work u are putting in can even be uploaded into the world. Everything the world does easily for reasons that have nuhthin to do with God, the people of God, must do a harder work, because the world is only uhllowing room for things that arent of God, and God is crititiqueing the work of his worker, way more than those of the world critique their own. As teachers under God we fight with two people at a time, only to have to face a lost to learn. The world just has to do. Everything goes, in the world, NO STRUCTURE or THOUGHT NECESSARY.


-King, Qisreale Trulth

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