LIVE and NOT DIE. China?!!? Fuck Yaw got goin on?? 😑😑

If this is true, thin spread the word……see immuh different breed-2we1ve-, but different times, call for different reactions. We must “live and not die”. We need each uhther. There is no need for suhmone to be tortured for not denouncing Jesus. Denounce him. The Trinity know exactly wat it is. Peter denounced Jesus and was still forgivin, and held to a high standard in the world as 1 of The 12. I tell all the brothers and sisters in China to “live and not die”. Do u believe that by dying, do to simple words that u can say, that have nuhthin to do with “Heart” is what will help the fellow man?????
It can be said, that loooong story short, when Jesus told Peter he would deny him …..THRICE…., not once, before the cock even crew……..I will go no further because this is a delicate topic, but I say “live and not die”. Suhmbody put this in 🙂🙂 Chinese and share it with brothers and sisters we have over there in China. Tell thiim, God Loves thiim, and always will, regardless, but if they choose death, or torture, I understand💪💪💪💪💪.

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