Month: July 2020

Dead Beat.

There is only one reason why I’m not killing people on theses streets of Aiken county SC, religiously(Broad Day 💫) !!!!! GOD GAVE THE WORD NOT TO!!!!! Yaw nigguhs ain no Killers, u were just hired to be retarted, n… Read More ›

Fb ullshit

Facebook be on dat bull shit. Why I gottuh laugh hysterically😃? I can’t jus smile🙂. Gottuh be angry😡, can’t jus be uh lil upset uhbout it🙂. I gottuh be amazed 😮, cryin😪, or dat new lil bitch as nigguh🙂🙂 dey… Read More ›

Out of Sight.

Who told u it was okay to believe that the idea of suhmthing that isn’t really here, can be created by the mind?? -2we1ve #GodShit #lookinfor11

One Lonely Number.

1 Woman, having dealt with, “Many Men”(sup Fifty50), can die saying only 1 of “Many” treated her as if she had value. 1 of 2we1ve will always be 1 of thiim “Men”, not “Many”. -2we1ve #Iamoneof2we1ve #lookinfor11

Who’s is it??

Its easier to say, “I have a personal relationship with God”. u LIARS!!!!! Its easier to believe that because it enables u to not have to question how WRONG u are. -2we1ve