First off, i am one of 2we1ve(group for God). Today I will speak on what I did because it ties into suhmthing that i saw previously shared by Raekwon Cave. Long story short, I yelled at and used all kind of harsh words today toward the lady I chose to marry(marry not by the law that I heard from man, but by the word I understand to cuhm from God). Tammy Ham will always have the respect from me as a husband, as far as the actions that she present in front of God are progressive. When they stop becuhming progressive to what I feel God has expressed to the world, as to how a MARRIED woman of God with a man child should act, this is when a show must begin, and it must not start late🙂🙂. Men of God, do not overlook error. !!!!!I SAID MEN OF GOD!!!!!(not yaw regular nigguhs) Do not run from correction. We are the head of the wives and should operate under that wing to enlighten them and keep order. Any flaw can block the order of God, and if u are to be a leader, and if u are to build the “house” u have on suhmthing solid, it must be in order, and if for suhm reason u are not beeing heard🙂🙂🙂😀🙂YELL. But be careful to make sure that u have remooved the beam out of the eyes u have, so that u are just in trying to clean the mote out of the eyes that the wife has. God loves us all. So I must expressly recommend to Raekwon Cave to remoove the shared post that insinuates that Jesus would do anything, more in that temple than what he did or what I did with the wife, inorder to express the Love of God, where he entered the temple and “turned over tables”. There are plenty acts that we can falsely represent, but a false representation of Love, and of Jesus is one 2we1ve does not choose to even git near to🙂🙂. Read the autobiography Message of Love on Autobiographical World page of

We aint hydin. #2we1ve

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