Month: June 2020

5-12 Shift

Different types of work, will require different levels of freedom inorder to complete the job. Where there was no freedom, no mind has ever succeeded. -2we1ve

What History??

Wtf is black history?? There is no history but world history. So immuh need uh white history month, a mexican history month. African….I ain stay in school that long. Yaw git the point. The black history i hear bout, jus… Read More ›

Git Right Wit Ya

Im willing to die to git right wit God. Yaw willing tuh die tuh git “right” bout “ya nigguhs” n deez bitches…..or whatever. To God: Bring it on nigguh😑😑😉. u know me. no flex, frfr. -2we1ve #lookin for 11 #2we1veEverything

Sin ew

Fuuuck!! We like to cuhn tuhgether for the wrong reason, but tuhgether is tuhgether, so when we direct that energy tuhward the right direction……BLA……not blm. BLASTOFF!! Houston, sin has a problem!!!!! -2we1ve #lookinfor11 #2we1veEverything

Sin Free??

Pay uhttention class…..God made World. God said don’t Sin. u choose Sin, but upset with Death. SCRIPTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Romans 6:23 kjv The wages of sin is…????? Dizzaaaaam!!!!!!!!!!!! Now maybe i can sleep😉(no smile) #2we1veEverything. #thePOLICEarenot12 We are 2we1ve and Peter… Read More ›

Closed Mouth

I feel like at times, God might be questionin me, like, “why u not feedin my sheep?” I dont say much. I just keep trynuh shove food in a closed mouth……..Thank God the food never spoils. -2we1ve #lookinfor11

The Gospel

Yaw would rather listen to the music that teaches u how to “fuck bitches” to TAKE VIRGINITY, the one thing sacred and irreversible given to women by God, but Gospel/Christian music has been teaching us how to GIVE LIFE for… Read More ›

Go Head

Im waiting on anybody to feel like they can talk wit me uhbout the seriousness of lessons in life. Ill talk till I pass out, uhbout the thoughts I have of God. #ImLookingFor11

Praying Knees

When yaw kill me, please send a white police officer to put a knee, hard into the back of the neck I have, until I CAN NOLONGER BREATH. Please😉[no smile] and it will be uhppreciated. They guhn accidentally run into… Read More ›


First off, i am one of 2we1ve(group for God). Today I will speak on what I did because it ties into suhmthing that i saw previously shared by Raekwon Cave. Long story short, I yelled at and used all… Read More ›